Bespoke Designs

The Heart of Gemme Couture

It is here that we combine our creativity and artistic skill with the specific desires of our clients. What sets Gemme Couture apart from other jewelry designers is that we prefer to work with rather than for our clients. We listen carefully to our clients’ wishes as we design the perfect piece, and take time to source the ideal gems and meticulously craft and produce it. Gemme Couture is uniquely itself, keeping its creative integrity while designing for the unique individual, our client, you.

Bardot Collection

Inspired by the Iconic Beauty and Silver Screen Goddess - Brigitte Bardot

At the heart of this Collection are ethereal pearls, in a myriad of subtle colors with light reflecting their overlapping layers, producing an iridescent luster. White and gold South Sea pearls, rare Tahiti pearls, lustrous Akoya pearls and enchanting freshwater pearls, coupled with gemstones of mesmerizing hues set in 18K gold safekeeping their timeless beauty and emanating elegance and style.

Candy Collection

A Firework of Colors

The Candy Collection is all about color and the gemstone that bears it. The search for the right gemstone starts with focus on the brilliance, intensity and beauty of its color, its unique organic shape and its one-of-a-kind cut. Tourmalines, sapphires, spinel, rubies, emeralds, blue topaz and amethyst dominate this collection with their rich, jewel-toned hues reminiscent of colorful sugar candies. The pieces are all hand-made, the settings organic; the gold is hammered, unpolished and the shapes are uneven giving each piece its own sweet taste.

Gemmes and the City Collection

Sophisticated Elegance with the Opulence of the Orient

Cities naturally evoke the presence of their history, culture, colors and aromas, creating and adding to their unique soul. With their gems, design and identity, so do the jewels in this collection. Each city was an inspiration for the design of the jewelry that bears its name.
The collection combines the shapes and colors of the Orient with an Occidental flair, and the simplicity and elegance of design with the practicality of everyday life, to be worn from day to night, transcending time and evoking place. Inspiration spans from the edginess of New York to the blue waters of the Med; from the sophistication of Paris and London to the opulence of St. Petersburg and Istanbul.

Pebble Collection

The Beauty and Exquisite Simplicity of Pebbles

Like the pebbles in the sea, gently formed by the rolling waves, our gem pebbles have been created in the depths of the earth by nature over millennia and chosen for their exquisite color and radiance. Cut in a thin slice shape, to highlight their translucent nature, they are paired with each other in unexpected color combinations, surrounded by diamonds or set in 18K gold, creating a modern statement in a classically beautiful presentation.

Petite Collections

Fine & Delicate

The Petites exude understated elegance and showcase tiny gemstones masterfully crafted into lovely, delicate designs which can be worn alone or grouped together, allowing for a new creation altogether. The Petite Collection makes beautiful gifts for oneself or others, a unique, hand-made gift, personalized by the choice of gemstone and style.

Rings of Desire Collection

One & Only Master Pieces

Each stone featured in the Rings of Desire collection is specially chosen as an exquisite example of its kind. Special attention is given to the color and shape of the stone so as to exhibit its incandescent radiance and the uniqueness of its form. Gems are chosen for their beauty, individuality, rarity and for exhibiting the best characteristics of their inner nature. The settings are artistically designed and masterfully crafted, paying attention to every detail of the design and cast in 18K gold bringing out the inherent beauty of the materials.

Wedding Collection

The Art of Love

A Tête-à-tête of sophistication and timeless elegance leads to creations of the enduring symbols of love; wedding bands for him and her and beautifully crafted engagement rings with our clients’ design ideas at heart.