February birthstone – Amethyst

Are you a February child? Then your perfect birthstone is amethyst. This beautiful gemstone is often associated with peace, courage and stability.

Amethyst is purple quartz and is a beautiful blend of violet and red that can be found in every corner of the earth. The name comes from the Ancient Greek, derived from the word “methustos” which means “intoxicated.”

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Raw amethyst

Ancient Greeks and Romans believed that amethyst keeps the wearer clear-headed and quick-witted. Many wearers of amethyst throughout history prize the gem for its symbolism as well as for its beauty. Leonardo da Vinci once said that amethyst helps to quicken intelligence and get rid of evil thoughts. Today, people simply prize the amethyst for its beautiful shade and the way it complements both warm and cool colors.

byzantine or roman amethyst ring

Roman or Byzantine gold ring with amethyst and pearl, 4th century, now in Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Throughout history, the gemstone has been associated with many myths, legends, religions, and numerous cultures. English regalia were even decorated with amethysts during the Middle Ages to symbolize royalty. Amethyst jewelry has been found and dated as early as 2000 BC.

Some historical accounts say that Saint Valentine had an amethyst ring carved with an image of Cupid. And for those familiar with Old Testament history, amethyst was one of the twelve gemstones that represented the twelve tribes of Israel.

Amethyst Bracelet Petite Rainbow

Petite Rainbow – Amethyst Bracelet from Gemme Couture

Even though amethyst is most commonly recognized by its purple color, the gemstone can actually range from a light pinkish violet to a deep purple. Sometimes, even the same stone can have layers or color variants depending on the light. Actually the way amethyst is cut influences the way the color shows in a finished piece.

You may have heard of a green amethyst. That is actually “regular” amethyst that has been treated with heat, so in effect, it is not a naturally occurring amethyst. A correct name for this gemstone would be mint quartz, or prasiolite. But many people just prefer the term “green amethyst”. The name prasiolite comes from the Greek for “leek-green”.

Jingle Bells - Green Amethyst Diamond Ring

Jingle Bells – Green Amethyst Diamond Ring from Gemme Couture


This type of green quartz does not occur naturally. It is produced by heating amethyst or yellowish quartz. However, not all amethyst or yellow quartz can be heated to produce prasiolite. According to gemological sources, only quartz from the Montezuma deposit in Brazil, can be heated to produce prasiolite.

lush Leaf Green Amethyst Marquise Diamond Ring

Lush Leaf – Green Amethyst Marquise Diamond Ring from Gemme Couture

For many years, amethyst was held to be one of the most precious gemstones, often favored by royalty. Amethyst was held in the same regard as the diamond! But after it was discovered that amethyst is not that rare of a gemstone it became accessible to a broader population (not just to the wealthiest).

Amethyst is mined in the usual gemstone-producing areas such as Canada, Madagascar, Myanmar, Namibia, Russia and Sri Lanka. You might have also heard of ‘Brazilian’ amethyst; this is because large deposits are found in the Para and Rio Grande do Sul parts of Brazil.

Tahiti Pearl Emerald Amethyst Carved Green Onyx and Gold Bead Necklace

London Nights – Tahiti Pearl, Emerald, Amethyst, Carved Green Onyx and Gold Bead Necklace from Gemme Couture


Fine amethysts are found in the British Crown Jewels as an example of modern regality. And in the pics bellow you can see some of the famous people who love with amethyst.

diane kruger amethyst necklace

Diane Kruger wearing long amethyst necklace

Halle Berry wears Dove's Amethyst and Mother of Pearl Earrings to the 2014 Emmys

Halle Berry wears Amethyst and Mother of Pearl Earrings

elizabeth taylor amethyst earrings and necklace

Elizabeth Taylor with amethyst earrings necklace

Bianca Balti amethyst earrings

Bianca Balti wearing amethyst earrings

Katy Perry wearing amazing amethyst necklace

Katy Perry wearing amazing amethyst necklace

Zoe Saldana wearing gorgeous purple amethyst jewelry

Zoe Saldana wearing gorgeous purple amethyst jewelry

Sofia Vergara Amethyst diamond ring

Sofia Vergara wearing Amethyst diamond ring

We at Gemme Couture adore amethyst and if you are a jewelry and amethyst lover as well contact us and find your perfect jewelry piece today!