August Birthstone: Peridot – A gem stone out of this world

Peridot, from the Olivine mineral is truly special, it can be found in meteorites and stardust! How wonderful is that. This yellowish green beauty is most often found in the earth’s mantle. As well as being the birthstone for August, it is also the stone for the 15th wedding anniversary.


Peridot – uncut and cut stones

Like many other beautiful gemstones, the Egyptians were admirers of this stunning gem, naming it the gem of the sun. They mined it from an island, Zabargad, on the Red Sea, because of this many of the very fine Peridot stones we see in museums are from this area. Peridot is also found in China, Myanmar, the USA, Afghanistan among others.

It is a stone which is believed to ward off bad dreams and evil, so a stone which protects. It’s name comes from the Arabic word Faridant, meaning light.

Peridot is often confused with Emerald. It is thought that Cleopatra’s Emerald jewellery is actually Peridot, in addition, the stunning 200 ct. green stones, which adorn the Three Holy King’s shrine in Cologne, Germany are actually Emeralds.

Peridot’s hardness is measured at 6.5 on the Moh’s scale. This means that although it’s hardness is average, it is not ideal for every day use, such as a diamond or corundum.


Gemme Couture jewelry with Peridot