What your jewelry REALLY says about you

You know those posts that are so dramatic, and use single little thing to tell you what kind of personality you have? This is one of those posts. 😉

Read on and find out what your favorite jewelry piece tells us about you.


Cocktail ring jewelry


Peach Moonstone and Diamonds ring from Gemme Couture jewelry

You’re single… But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a fancy ring, too. 😉




Gemme Couture Bracelet from Gems and the city collection jewelry

You floss after every meal.







Istanbul NightsBlack Spinel Tassel and Diamond Ball Necklace jewelry


You prefer the jewelry that sparkles without the help of an Instagram filter.



Stud earrings

Red Velvet Ruby and Sapphire Diamond Earrings from Gemme Couture jewelry

You can be ready in 10 minutes… or less.



Hoop earrings

Gemme Couture jewelry Hoop Earrings

You celebrate your 21st birthday every year.



Chandelier/Tassel earrings



Istanbul NightsTahiti Pearl Black Spinel Tassel Earrings by Gemme Couture jewelry

You pretend every sidewalk is a red carpet.



BroochBrooch from Bespoke Designs collection by Gemme Couture jewelry

You are drawing attention to your cleavage. 😉








Choker by Gemme Couture jewelry

You’re embracing your beautiful neck.



Hearts/Stars/Assorted shapes

Star shaped earrings by Gemme Couture jewelryYou doodle the name of your work crush on office documents.





Golden rings from Candy Collection by Gemme Couture jewelry

You like to wear your financial investments.




SilverBlueberry Drop Sapphire and Silver Ring by Gemme Couture jewelry


You’re preparing yourself for going grey.





Harmony ball from Gemme couture jewelry


You are fine on your own… even in a dark alley.


Engagement Ring

One-of-a-kind diamond ring from Gemme Couture jewelry

You like reminding your husband that there was a time when he actually spent money on you.



Artsy Ring


Artsy ring from Gemme Couture jewelry

You want to show off the artistic side of you, that you’ve lost somewhere after college.



Hope we’ve made you smile. 😀

All of the jewelry pieces in this post are works of art from Gemme Couture. If you like any of those, or you want your own personalized jewelry piece, please let us know.