July Birthstone: Ruby – The King of Gems

The color red, associated with the deepest of emotions, love, passion, power, anger, royalty. Ruby the name derived from Latin’s Ruber is also known in Sanskrit as Ratnaraj, which translates to King of Gems.


July’s birth stone represents above all else love. It is also associated with bearing it’s wearer with health wisdom and good fortune. A member of the corundum family, like sapphire, it is a special amount of the trace element chromium, which turns a pink sapphire into a much prized Ruby; chromium can also cause fluorescence, which has the ability to beautifully intensify the color of a ruby.

Other than diamond Corundum’s are the hardest gem stone, making them perfect stones for every day wear, they are the perfect stone for engagement rings, eternity rings, as well as the classic diamond. Like true love Rubies are durable and own a deep and beautiful color. They are also the stone given on 15th and 40th wedding anniversaries.

Ruby red, is often referred to and it is a Ruby’s color, which determines it value and identity. For a pink sapphire to classed a Ruby it must be medium or medium dark vivid red or slightly purplish red, Pigeon Blood Red is the most prized color. Too light, too much purple or orange and it automatically becomes a fancy coloured sapphire. (Which by the way are still stunning and precious, just not Rubies). Like all stones the clarity of a Ruby affects it’s value. Too clouded by inclusions and the cost of the Ruby goes down.

Mayanmar Rubies are renowned as the most beautiful, along with those formed in Northern Vietnam and the Himalayas. This is due to their formation in marble, which has a low iron content allowing the chromium to dominate the ruby and provide that beautiful color. Rubies which have formed in basalt rocks, contain more iron, which dulls the brilliance of the Chromium.

The king of gems has been highly desired since medieval times and is still highly sought after today. Once a stone only worn by royalty and clergy, who believed it to bring protection and wisdom, we are lucky enough that we too can wear these pretty red stones.

Gemme Couture love Rubies and value all of their color ranges, as they are all so pretty. If you are looking for a gift for someone you love or for yourself we have some very pretty pieces to choose from. Our Candy Collection has so many delicious looking pieces that are perfect for either every day wear or for a more formal event. Our Candy Collection Ruby cabochon ring is a particular favorite of mine.


Candy Ring with Ruby Cabochon Oval in 18K Gold; Candy Necklace with Oval Cabochon Ruby on 18K Gold Chain

If you prefer a piece which is more ornate and display’s more design the exquisite pieces below are perfect for you.


from left to right: Ruby Rose Ring – Cushion Cut Ruby Ring surrounded by White Diamonds in an Antique “Claw” 18K Gold Setting; Istanbul Gemme and the City Necklace – Ruby Rondels Hand Woven in Gold with Pave Diamond Accents; Pebble Bangle Bracelet with Rose Cut Ruby set with Diamonds on 18K Gold

Now my absolute favorite has to be this simple yet stunning Ruby pendant – it is just gorgeous… definitely my favorite.


Pebble Necklace with Rose Cut Ruby set with Diamonds on 18K Gold Link Chain

 For something more fun…


Gemmes and The City Necklace with Ruby Oval and Pave Ruby Balls on 18K Gold Rolo Chain