What does the jewelry you wear say about you?

In addition to our choice of clothing, the jewelry we love also reveals bits and pieces of our personality. There are a lot of different types of jewelry styles and each style is created to satisfy the needs and desires of a different type of personality.

So without further ado, choose your favorite style from the images below and discover something about yourself that you maybe didn’t know. 🙂

The Lady K - Bespoke necklace from Gemme Couture

The Lady K – Bespoke necklace from Gemme Couture – Two Interchangeable Pendants: Seed Pearl Diamond Tassel and Gold South Sea Pearl


Statement jewelry


If you simply adore statement jewelry, extravagant rings, bespoke designs, thick necklaces and large earrings then you are a Fun-Loving person.

You have a lot of friends and acquaintances and love to keep in touch with all of them. You are that person surrounded by groups of people at a party taking all the social buzz.

You’re active, social, cheery and generous. People are drawn to you like metal filings to a magnet!








Mother Earth

Petite RainbowTurquoise Bracelet

Petite Rainbow – Turquoise Bracelet from Gemme Couture

Are you in love with this turquoise bracelet? Do you in general lov this ocean blue kind of color? If your jewelry gravitates toward earthy tones such as brown, forest green, beige and ocean blue then you are an “Earthy” type of person.

If you are “Mother Earth” tye of person you tend to be Down-to-Earth. You are aware of the world around you and you love to recycle. Enjoying the outdoors and all the activities one can do in nature is your thing.

If you find a shell on the beach you will take it home with you. You would do the same with lost puppies and kittens.



Pearl necklace from Gemme Couture

Pearl necklace from Gemme Couture

Classic Elegance

You know those women who have what we call “eternal style”? Well you’re one of them. You prefer elegant and simple jewelry. Your style is as classic and as classy as can be. Perfectly matched with your clean lines be it in clothing or the furniture in your home.

Pearl earrings and pearl necklaces with petite details are your favorite choice.

You are in love with tradition. The most important thing in your life is your family and a close circle of friends that you cherish.

Most likely you prefer a quiet get-together with those you love to a noisy night out.

You are calm and trustworthy; the embodiment of the proverb: “Still waters run deep”.

White moonstone, gold and diamonds ring from Gemme Couture

White moonstone, gold and diamonds ring from Gemme Couture




The Best of the Best

Everything you wear is chosen with great care and attention to detail. You will never settle for second best. This applies to everything in your life, friends, lovers, jobs, cars, jewelry, clothing…

You are living your life to the fullest but you will never choose quantity over quality. Others often look at you for advice and guidance.

When you set high goals for yourselfand you expect nothing less from the people you give your trust and feelings to.

When you buy jewelry, you always make sure it will be the exact piece that you have your heart set on and you will not settle for anything less.


Emerald, diamond and gold earrings and ring from Gemme Couture

Emerald, diamond and gold earrings and ring from Gemme Couture


Perfect Coordination

If you usually choose jewelry in matching sets you are a perfectly coordinated person. You are neat, precise and responsible. When someone wants a big event or a lot of documents organized they come to you. You have everything filed, labeled and in the right place.

Your jewelry of preference may be a lot of things but it will be matched with your wardrobe. Even if you are not wearing the matching ring and earrings your necklace is sure to be perfectly matched with the style and color of your shoes.

People tend to ask you for advice and they feel good in doing so because you are a gracious host and excellent conversationalists.









harmony ball gemme couture

Unique silver Harmony Ball from Gemme Couture

Vintage trendsetters

If you are someone who likes to make a bold statement with jewelry, and you know you need something out of this world and out of this time; “vintage” is your weapon of choice. Even though the name sounds peculiar you really are a vintage trendsetter. You don’t follow the trends – you make them.

You are different from most of the people out there and you want to show it. Your strength and your personality are both immense and you are not afraid of expressing those traits through clothing and jewelry. You are not governed by rules or standards.

You are always searching for that perfect piece of jewelry that has your name on it. For you , only handmade unique pieces will do!




Long gold chain pendant necklace from Gemme Couture

Long gold chain necklace with labradorite pendant from Gemme Couture

Wash and Wear

You are always on the go. No matter if you are into sports,  a busy career woman or are taking care of a bunch of kids (not all of them have to be your own) you are clearing your path with enormous energy.

Your jewelry needs to be able to keep up with all your activities. You want jewelry that is not big but still makes a statement. Boho style is probably one of your favorites. You don’t want to be chained down with the things you own. Your clothing and jewelry should empower your active kind of life and still make you look good. Because, let’s face it, everyone wants to look good.

You are a highly motivated individual that inspires others to go in search of their dreams too.







So, have you found your perfect jewelry style? Is our test result accurate? If so, share this post with your friends and see what their results are.

All of the above jewelry is designed and hand-made by Gemme Couture. If you have any questions, please ask. We are here to make your jewelry dreams come to life.